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How to Hire Remote Employees for Your Virtual Team

A remote team comprises employees and independent contractors working from different locations. They can spread across cities, states, countries, and different time zones. Remote work isn’t necessarily a simple switch from traditional work. Remote management differs significantly from traditional team management, requiring new communication styles, technology, and processes. For example, try to speak with managers, coworkers, or colleagues who have direct knowledge of the candidate’s remote experience. These and other “remote” experiences can help you understand how the applicant might perform at your company.

how to hire a remote team

At the end of every remote interview, we always provide a moment to remind candidates where they are in the hiring process. We want them to know that our process is definite in terms of the number of conversations they’ll have and the maximum amount of time they’ll spend with us before we make a decision. It’s extremely important to understand what rules apply to your company. Compliance in the USA is challenging as each state carries different laws regarding workers. The legal challenges of managing payroll, taxes, and benefits for a remote workforce in different states are difficult. First, you need to identify what skills, outputs, and outcomes you need for your project.

Invest in tools to improve remote team collaboration

So, don’t make your employees reach — keep them as unsiloed as possible so they can collaborate. Owned entities are quicker to be compliant with local laws and don’t outsource your IP protection to a company you don’t know. More often than not, the task requires the candidate to interact with folks on the team—maybe even more than a couple of times. That way, you’ll get a sense of how they communicate and collaborate. When it comes to defining the position, the best way to do this is to take the time to understand the work the role is responsible for performing.

how to hire a remote team

For extra assistance, pass your job posting to industry peers or run it through a service like Textio, which assesses the sentiment and impact of your writing. You can safely assume you’ll see a high volume of applicants for a remote role – the demand for flexible roles is high, and often applicants are undiscriminating in the roles they apply for. how to hire a remote team Write a comprehensive job description that will help bring in high-quality applications from strong candidates. However, process is not a constant – it can break down and necessitate iteration or rethinking. This can especially be the case if a team grows too quickly and processes that worked with 13 people break down once you hit 30 people.

International borders still matter quite a bit when you’re handling payroll in more than one country, trying to abide by multiple sets of employment laws, and dealing with taxes. The idea that results are more important than time spent at a specific desk in a particular building is one of the benefits of remote work. Rather than managing the time workers spend at their desks, supervisors can instead manage the outputs, trusting employees to get the work done on their own. This approach reduces the risk of hiring a wrong remote employee.

Onboarding Process

It’s not uncommon for companies to ask candidates for an existing work sample or new project to assess their “real-world” skills. Depending on your hiring process, you may ask for the samples before or after an initial interview. Because working remotely requires using multiple communication methods , try different interview methods when hiring remote employees to see how candidates handle them. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to understand how to recruit and hire premium remote staff effectively. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is in high demand among job seekers, particularly with top-tier talent.

  • Remote work, on the other hand, is intentionally inclusive, allowing organizations to recruit the best candidates proactively from around the world.
  • People work at different times and need to understand exactly what happened while they were sleeping.
  • Therefore, you’ll be better able to retain them than employees who work at a brick-and-mortar location.
  • Additionally, get candidates excited about your products or services and the opportunity behind them.
  • Using tools for batch email sending and writing team letters based on presets is another way to make the onboarding process as effortless as possible.

Although these platforms may more commonly offer full-time jobs, they also have remote and temporary opportunities. Millions of job seekers use these platforms and it’s a great way to cast a wide net. As part of the application process include relevant questions that can help to demonstrate the candidate’s competency. Make sure they are business, role, and person-specific so you can get a good idea of their professional experiences.

Creating a culture of reward and recognition – there are plenty of software options to support remote recognition. Be targeted when placing the job ad online to get the best value for your advertising budget and get the information in front of the right people. Are they reading The Washington Post, or are they watching TikTok videos?

To determine what to work on, we present candidates options for their own 2-week, 2-month onboarding plan—occasionally adding a few of our own. Not all candidates have an equal amount of free time in order to take on additional part-time work. Others have responsibilities in their evenings that make finding the time for additional work scarce. If spending more time with the candidate is warranted, we can use their own questions as jumping off points for our own inquiry. The best remote software developers aren’t just going to come knocking on your door. Create an opportunity for new hires to meet the entire team or company so they begin to form team bonds.

On the other hand, we try to understand whether it’s okay for them to get closer to the “fire”. Given that, I think the most crucial part in the onboarding process is whether the core team has no objections against the person in question. Working with a remote team you cannot expect the programmers to open up unless you are leading them by example. It is vital for an efficient workflow to discuss issues and share opinions. Sharing corporate objectives, expectations, and vision is important to create a complete picture of your company. Set boundaries from the beginning to make clear the workflows, data availability, and key contacts for the developers.

There are a few different ways to find remote candidates.

It is scalable and sustainable – you can repeat it as many times as you want, only changing the methods for testing. However, the biggest strength in this practice lies in the time and resources saved by quickly writing off the bulk of unqualified candidates. We hope that you too will be able to use these tactics to quickly and efficiently hire quality remote workers. Of course, you may experience issues when managing remote dedicated software development teams.

how to hire a remote team

Don’t waste your budget by advertising on the wrong platform, and be sure to tailor your tone to suit the website. It may be a good idea to place your job ads in sector-specific job boards, such as ArtsHub in Australia or in the USA. Don’t bury the fact that a job can be done remotely several paragraphs into your job ad. Instead, put it in the headline, or even incorporate the word “remote” into the job title itself, such as “Remote Product Manager”.

Slack Etiquette For Async Teams

Teach employees to be responsive online, and schedule regular virtual meetings to quickly share key information with the team. Trust remote employees to work autonomously, but staying connected is important too. Of employees have technology issues during the onboarding process. Let remote candidates know in advance which video conference tools you use so they can download any necessary programs ahead of time.

Since the main office has no direct oversight over remote teams, make sure everybody involved in the project can protect confidential information and company-related data on its own. To ensure the vendor will not use your documentation and project management practices for other projects, establish a fine policy for sharing the company’s intellectual property. Cooperation with the employees, who are not coming into your office, or, basically – outsourcing, is becoming more popular nowadays. Enlisting the services and development resources outside of your office or even country has many positive sides both for the employer and the developer.

As a result, your job posting will be a detailed listing that explains the ins-and-outs of what you do as a company. This might turn some people away, but those people wouldn’t have been a good fit anyway. Instead, you’ll get applicants that are much more invested in being a part of your company. Joel Gascoigne and the team at Buffer have found that people with these traits often come from freelance, contracting, or startup backgrounds. 10 of our first 13 hires at Zapier had startup or freelance work in their background—and several staff members started out freelancing for Zapier before joining us full-time.

Communication Tools

Co-located teams can work on their culture between tasks, as well as by organizing various after-work activities. When you’re looking to hire remotely, you should be aware that not everyone works well in such an environment. If you’re taking your first steps into remote work, we recommend that you try and hire someone who already has experience working remotely. This will take some of the uncertainty out of making your first remote hires. That’s because working from home comes with many challenges, and not everyone can cope with them. Now you know what’s in it for you, and how your business can benefit from having a distributed team.

How to Hire the Right People for a Software-Dedicated Team

That purpose is to recalibrate as people and to know each other better in order to tackle more complex business challenges in a unified front. This is the time where coworkers can see each other as more than just coworkers, and for managers to see the small unique traits that make their teams do what they do best. It’s also a great relevancy tool for peer-to-peer relationships.

Offer meaningful benefits

He organized games and movie nights for everybody to participate from home. Pablo is an exceptional individual – a credible expert in his field and an inspirational leader. He built and managed a remote team with great success and fostered a strong team ethos of commitment, focus, accountability, empathy and creativity. After you have created a plan for testing technical skill and remote work aptitude, move on to sourcing candidates to interview.

You can find many good outsourcing companies in India, Philippines and other places that provide the type of service you need. But outsourcing may be more expensive than hiring a remote employee as the outsourcing company will need to have a margin on top of employee cost. Include these points in your ideal candidate profile along with required technical skills. After you’ve created the job profile, it’s time to decide how you will evaluate applicants.

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